Every business is susceptible to disruption, but how do leaders stay ahead and ensure success? Today’s leaders face an imperative to raise the pace of innovation and compete for customer mind share, before a competitor or start-up, or a combination of both, blindsides and blows corporate performance clear out of the water. So, given the rapid pace of change, leaders need to learn how to experiment and iterate and engage with the broader talent pool to take advantage of emerging trends, in anything from artificial intelligence to quantum computing.

We think leaders are eager to inject the art of the possible into their teams in a safe, compliant, and tested way. They want the agility, pace, and make-things-happen attitude to transform a work culture stuck in the past; they want people that can ignite the innovation needed to thrive in an era of promise and uncertainty. But they want to do it safely and securely. The truth for most innovation teams is a startup will get faster traction than an internal team on a problem or a challenge. So the corporate landscape is now awash with hackathons and corporate accelerators that look to marshal fresh energy and ideas across tired and jaded business units to unlock something special.

The problem is that no entrepreneur under 40 will want to share their “secret sauce” with a corporate hack or corporate accelerator. The reason? Because the usual aim of the large organization is to absorb the new idea, denying the entrepreneur the game-changing rewards that he or she could win in a global marketplace for good ideas. Accelerators are a model built “by investors for investors” not “by corporates for corporates.” The risk for an organization is they end up only attracting low impact/pedestrian types of startups that won’t deliver out sized results. The reason is there are no certainties that an organization has the assets and culture to attract the most innovative founders or the necessary sophistication to pick the most promising startups. Which is why we are launching Connect in Switzerland.

Connect focuses on “proof of deployment” rather than “proof of concept” for startups and corporates. It’s not about running innovation experiments between both sides, getting excited, and then failing to industrialize. The Connect offering and methodology offers corporates rapid, safe, and compliant innovation from a pool of curated startups that have scale. Connect brings these scaleups and leading corporations together, with a razor-like focus on fast and scalable innovation to achieve out sized results.