Customer experience is key to building strong relationships – and this relies on good, actionable insights that are available fast. The snag is the gulf between what’s desirable and what’s happening on the ground. Enterprises are aware they fall short of what they could be achieving on customer experience (CX): in a Cognizant survey, over two thirds of senior IT execs said they could offer customers an enhanced experience if only they could manage their data better. SAP HANA is one way to create this basis, as a platform for structured data that can keep pace with the rapidly-changing CX landscape.

SAP HANA has distinct benefits for agile enterprises. With it, you can create the perfect data platform for digital business, in the cloud or on-premises, and distil the power of data analytics into enhanced customer experience and real-time decision making. SAP HANA offers a seamless single view of truth on transactional and CRM client data without need of further integration, even if processes are distributed across different platforms.

An increasing number of companies are already convinced: subscriber figures for SAP HANA have grown significantly since its launch.

It’s a highly powerful platform, and a do-it-yourself approach to such a large-scale initiative could easily tie up resources in an extended ramp-up of learning and planning, particularly when SAP HANA is being implemented across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

But you can benefit from Cognizant’s design expertise, with our industry-specific SAP HANA integrated B2B and B2C solutions to accelerate and bring in required expertise to work with your team. Cognizant’s SAP Practice will help you to create experiences for your customers that are personalized and adapted to context. It’s achieved by banishing silos, and ensuring seamless connectivity from the back end of your business to the front.

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