When unprecedented circumstances call for organizations to embrace a work-from-home culture and avoid face-to-face interactions, it is vital that not only their business processes can adapt rapidly to their employees’ dispersed locations, but also the companies can remain operational and continue to offer their products and services without disruption.

Every business must plan for continuity under special circumstances, but not only through video-conferencing and virtual meetings with employees or clients. Organizations often require an entire digital transformation to create agile working environments in order to be able to respond rapidly to ever-changing and complex customer needs.

Digital has transformed the way we work and technology is helping organizations to enable people to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device to ensure that teams stay connected and continue business operations seamlessly. The digital era has shown how society can continue to operate in unprecedented circumstances.

The future of work

When some people think of the future workplace, they imagine futuristic-looking holograms holding meetings or robots replacing the general work of everyone in the office. However, the workplace of the future looks increasingly simple – people who have the flexibility to work with teammates around the world, far away from any specific locations. A dispersed team is also a dynamic team – agile, responsive, connected rather than distracted.

Before the current requirements of ‘social distancing’, remote working has been steadily on the rise, and in this digital era Cognizant is at the forefront of offering dynamic solutions that every business requires to adapt rapidly to its workforce and customers. Read on to find out what is next for your business.