Is your company hiring for a flying car developer? Virtual identity defendant? Maybe not just yet – but keep your eyes open. These are a few of the career paths that Cognizant, in its second 21 Jobs of the Future report, sees on the horizon. Work changes fast. After, all, ten years back, how many companies had professionals managing their social media accounts?

End or new beginning?

As AI and robotics gain traction in the world of work, they are automating away routine tasks. But concerns about a jobless future are unfounded. New jobs will emerge in place of the old – and not just highly technical work, either. Cognizant’s raft of projected jobs include “Joy Adjutants” (for decluttering and organizing) or “Cybercrime Rehabilitation Counselors”: in short, work that leverages traditional human skills such as trusting, empathizing and creating.

4 E’s of Skills

These skills remain relevant no matter what. In Cognizant’s “4 E’s of Skills”, set out in the Jobs of the Future report, these distinctly human skills have a bright future. Researchers everywhere are reaching the same conclusion. The World Economic Forum’s 2018 Future of Jobs survey, for instance, finds that when it comes to reasoning and decision-making, developing and advising, human skills still dominate. Creative marketing, sales and brilliant innovation are all areas where human minds will continue to be in demand.

Other skills are clearly in the “eroding” category: for example, being a fast mover at keyboard data entry won’t get you far nowadays. And depending on the role, manual dexterity is also on the way out as an important skill.

Switzerland a leader

Some people (and companies) will inevitably struggle to adapt, particularly if the digital economy is challenging their entire business model. Switzerland, however, could arguably lead the field in these new jobs. Few countries outperform Switzerland as an R&D hub for AI and robotics, and the result is an ideal seedbed for jobs of the future, built on a heritage of engineering, electronics and microtech.

Pointers for the future

Whatever their sector, businesses can expect their future payrolls to include staff with as yet unknown jobs. Not that this is as revolutionary as it sounds. Work has never remained static, and people have always had to update skills or retrain in different fields. The Cognizant report gives valuable pointers on where these new fields might lie.

You can download the Cognizant report on 21 Jobs of the Future here. For more insights about the emergence of new technologies, work practices and roles, be sure to visit the Cognizant Center for the Future of Work.