Managing product lifecycles and innovation is like juggling a couple of dozen balls – on stage, with a critical audience. It might entail launching products in multiple countries, maintaining support from development to retirement, integrating processes across any number of platforms and providers, and applying analytics to keep decisions sharp every second of the way. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many companies therefore turn to consultants to deliver the expertise for professional product lifecycle management.

Product Lifecycle Management Consulting

Given the importance of PLM expertise in digitally transformed manufacturing industries, we are proud that our Cognizant Connected Products (CCP) and PLM team has been named a leader in worldwide manufacturing product lifecycle management consulting by IDC MarketScape.


In fact, IDC named Cognizant as “a formidable player in the PLM service provider space”. We’re at home in any industry that needs design, innovation, analytics and tech support for connected products. To date, our CCP PLM team has taken a range of challenging initiatives into action for clients. In the auto industry, we’ve helped clients roll out solutions for automating service requests or sourcing parts from multiple PLMs. In construction machine manufacturing, Cognizant has empowered manufacturers to forge vital connections between complex systems and join the dots between disparate information items for faster, more appropriate responses. And in energy management and medical tech, companies are deploying Cognizant’s insights to automate PLM testing and migration.


Complex projects in fast-changing environments require technical skills that cut across a whole range of disciplines. This is exactly the sort of challenge where Cognizant’s CCP PLM team can leverage its expertise for maximum traction.


You can download the IDC assessment of Cognizant CCP PLM here.