No marketeer worth his or her salt would today overlook the power of digital to connect brands with consumers, build reputation, and also – a massive down side of digital’s viral ability – to wreck a carefully curated brand. Following our 2018 look at Jobs of the Future, this year Cognizant has investigated roles in marketing, and proposed 21 new marketing jobs of the future: roles likely to emerge in the field over the next 10 years. Jobs will change, but the essence is the same: it’s about making sure that customers stick around.

Some of the new roles rely on technology; others are less tech-centric and focus on the traditional human abilities of empathy.

Low tech

Customers will increasingly only invest money, time and loyalty in brands whose values align with their own. Additionally, as the shared economy grows and customers themselves become more entrepreneurial, businesses will need to be pro-active in treating their customers like invested business partners. The roles of loyalty engineers and purpose planners, for instance – both low-tech, and both likely within a five-year timespan – are designed around forging these allegiances between people and brands.

High tech

Marketing is already using predictive analysis to identify trends and make them happen. Data ethnographers might soon be on hand to analyze real-time customer data, and extract the human insights to refine marketing strategies at speed. And roles such as sixth sense analysts will use the power of AI to sense opportunities before they are anywhere near emerging.


Future marketing in the digital economy

Organizations navigating an uncertain future against a landscape of technology disruption won’t always get it right. (a case in point: when the Internet first appeared, ushering in our digital economy, not every tech giant recognized its significance. Microsoft was famously late to the party, and struggled to catch up.) In marketing, however, it is already clear that the digital economy is transforming not just how organizations do business, but how they engage with customers, users and wider society. Cognizant has not dug these jobs out of science fiction. Before long. CMOs are likely to be casting around for people with these skillsets.

Our 21 jobs of the future in marketing focus on the intersection between technology and empathy. This is where the jobs will emerge, enabling marketers to deliver authentic messages that will resonate for longer.

Download the Cognizant study 21 Marketing Jobs of the Future here.